People LOVED These 10 Chess Courses in February 2021!

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Training in chess takes many shapes and forms. Nothing beats the convenience of a top-quality chess course though.

Here are ten courses people really loved in February. You can get them all with a 50% discount!

1.) iChess Club

iChess Club: An Exclusive Chess Club To Advance Your Game

A savvy shopper like you won’t pass up the chance to get a 40% discount at any time! And that is only one of the many incredible benefits available to club members.

Still not convinced? How about another 5% discount on top of our special offers? Special offers you can extend for 30 days!

That is right. Those incredible deals you get emailed to you can get extended for thirty days. No need to lose out because payday is a week away.

You also get a thirty-minute preview video of every course so you can really be sure the presenter and content are right for you before you spend your hard-earned cash.

There is also an exclusive video library of chess openings from a variety of popular presenters and coaches. 

Even more astounding is you get to try all these benefits for a month at the ridiculously low fee of $1!

Go ahead and join hundreds of satisfied club members. Members who are improving their game and saving a bundle too! Remember, the first month is only $1!

5 Stars – Highly recommended Product. I was a previous member and took the Subscription again because it is very good and essential to improve the game.” K.K.

2.) 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The London System – IM Eric Rosen

Tactics training in chess is of vital importance. The London System is no exception.

Knowing the common tactics in your chosen opening will help you avoid pitfalls!

When you take the time to learn the tactics for both sides, it allows you to stop your opponent’s attack before it gets started. You can use his piece placement to know what he is planning.

Watch this free preview in which Eric goes over a creative game by GM Daniel Naroditsky in the London System:

Following in the footsteps of a world champion is a common approach used by many strong players. Why not play the London System like Magnus Carlsen?

Curious to know how powerful the London System really is? Let Stockfish show you how to create an overwhelming attack.

Along with all of this, you will learn how to leverage the open h-file, the most common London trap, and much more.

5 Stars –London system. Excellent. Very well presented and comprehensive review. Eric Rosen has a clear and entertaining style and method of presenting subject. The concept of having 9 introductory lessons followed by puzzles is a pro-active approach.” – James K.

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3.) The Short Way to Mastering Tactics – GM Nigel Short

15½ hours of training in chess tactics by the only Englishman to challenge for the world title is sure to improve your game. GM Nigel Short has beaten every world champion from Karpov to Carlsen.

This collection of Nigel’s most instructive 40 games also includes a few losses to help you learn what to avoid.

The Short Way to Mastering Tactics is divided into 7 different categories. These categories are:

  1. Attacking the King
  2. Dynamic Defense
  3. The Opening
  4. Endgame
  5. Tactical Awareness
  6. Unexpected moves
  7. Imbalances

5 Stars –Relaxed Instructional analysis. I bought this yesterday and have been most pleased with the easily digestible informative presentation and the view changing instructional examples….. allowing you to see what you previously did not…….proper good stuff.” – Nick T.

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4.) Attacking Play Manual with IM David Fitzsimons

How much fun will you get from the 11½ hours of coaching in the Attacking Play Manual? Lots!

Then you will get to have more fun unleashing devastating attacks over the board.

Included in this exceptional course of training in chess attacks are the six powerful attacking patterns. These patterns will become the building blocks of your attacks.

50% off our 10 best loved courses for February
Get 50% Off Our Best Loved Courses for February

We all have games that don’t go according to plan. Now you can turn these bad games around and transform them into your “best” games.

Apart from the 11+ hours of instruction, you get fully annotated PGN files, 2 video exams, and lifetime access to the online practicum.

5 Stars –Attacking Play Manual with IM David Fitzsimons. The guy knows his business. Easy to learn. Easy to review and easy to remember.” – Juan P.

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5.) Daniel Naroditsky’s Master Methods

Thanks to the 50% discount offered on all our February Top-10 courses, you get two of Daniel’s training courses in chess fundamentals for the price of one!

Each of the Naroditsky Method courses contains 15 hours each of quality chess instruction by a chess grandmaster rated 2600+ in all three categories of chess games – standard, rapid, and blitz.

After studying these two courses, you will have a thorough understanding of endgames, know how to learn the opening, and gain confidence in positional play, tactics, and calculations.

In this preview, Daniel teaches you highly important concepts related to pawn structures:

Included in these two courses are the important subjects of time pressure, psychology, and developing your chess intuition.

5 Stars –The Naroditsky Method 01 and 02 – GM Daniel Naroditsky –Excellent. The topics are all important and very well explained.” Francisco Q.

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6.) Accelerate Your Chess – GingerGM Simon Williams

Here is a course of training in chess chock-full of wisdom you can apply immediately to your games. 

Ever wondered what to do in an opening where your opponent doesn’t play the book move? In “Accelerate Your Chess” you will learn how to correctly evaluate any chess position and find the right move. 

Want to know how to find and play against your opponent’s bad piece? The GingerGM will show you exactly how to do it.

Chess is all about patterns. Improving your knowledge of chess patterns will help you win games and save you from being on the receiving end of a devastating attack.

Learn how forcing moves force wins, how to navigate chaos on the chessboard, plus lots more!

5 Stars –Accelerate your chess. The course is very well presented. Simon’s style is very confident and entertaining. The course content is very instructive.” – James K.

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7.) My Thinking System – GM Igor Smirnov

When playing a chess game, you must be organized on the board and also in your thinking.

All the work you put into learning about openings, middlegame tactics, and endgames means nothing if you can not retrieve the information.

Given days to access this information, you might not struggle. But in a blitz game, you only have a few seconds.

50off 10 best loved courses for february blog image2
Get 50% Off Our Best Loved Chess Courses for February

Chess offers many different positions, which means you need a thinking system that applies across the board. A universal system, if you will.

What you need is “My Thinking System.”.

The best time to learn about how to think in chess is while you are still a beginner. Acquiring this mindset will allow you to improve upon it and allow it to improve your game.

Click here to get instant access to My Thinking System with 50% Off!

5 Stars –My Thinking System. In totality the course is great! Highly recommended to others.” – Mario L.

8.) GingerGM’s Spicy Collection

Get yourself 35 hours in this Spicy Collection of training in chess openings and exciting master games.

Playing gambits will help you learn vital skills, including the value of rapid development, open lines, and the importance a tempo can make.

Of course, not all gambits are sound, but you can trust the GingerGM to provide you with chess gambits that are fun, effective, and devastating.

Then learn more about attacking chess from the great players of the past. Let the GingerGM reveal all their secrets and use these strategies in your own games.

5 Stars – Ginger Gm’s Spicy Attacks and Gambits. It’s an awesome course! GM Simon Williams delivers a great presentation on both chess courses that makes his chess students to go on and learn for more. A real spicy courses!” Mario L.

Click here to get instant access to GingerGM’s Spicy Collection with 50% Off!

9.) The Full Beginner Chess Collection (13 Volume Set) – GM Susan Polgar

Gm Susan Polgar – The Full Beginner Chess Collection (13 Volume Set) Provides training in chess beginners must know to improve their game.
GM Susan Polgar – The Full Beginner Chess Collection (13 Volume Set)

The best training in chess specifically for beginners. This Full Beginner Chess course will lay a solid foundation you can build upon.

Feel confident at the board because you know how to avoid the most common opening mistake. You will also learn how to take advantage of it.

Tired of not knowing what move to play? Let the pawn structure and pawn breaks guide you.

GM Susan Polgar will teach you all you need to know about using your pawns with deadly effect!.

Openings with both colors, endgames, tactics, and planning are also covered in this comprehensive course.

5 Stars –excellent chess lessons. This was very helpful even for a novice like me. It will push me to be a much better chess player. Thanks, worth the money!” – Bruce M.

Click here to get instant access to The Full Beginner Chess Collection with 50% Off!

10.) Alekhine’s Defense – GM Marian Petrov

Send a clear signal to your opponents by playing Alekhine’s Defense! Let them know you are playing for a win!

Named after one of the greatest chess players ever this defense creates an imbalance at move 1.

Watch this whole chapter taken from the course so you can better decide if you want to learn the Alekhine Defense with Marian:

Along with the necessary opening theory, you will also learn the attacking and tactical combinations that will bring you victory with black.

GM Marian Petrov is an internationally respected coach and will provide you with everything you need to know to succeed with Alekhine’s Defense.

Click here to get instant access to Alekhine’s Defense with 50% Off!

In Conclusion

Once again has you covered no matter what training in chess you need.

This list has everything from openings to middlegames to endgames. All the essential topics are covered to ensure you aren’t caught unawares at the board.

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