Our Top-10 Highest Reviewed Chess Courses [70% Off!]

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How can you get better at chess? What is the best way to improve? These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves.

This is usually followed by “Where do I start?” Let’s face it, there are lots of chess courses available today.

Allow your fellow chess players to guide you.

You’ll find one, and quite likely two or three courses, on our top 10 list to suit you and help you get better at chess.

With a 70% discount on each course, you could treat yourself to several courses for the price of one! Use the coupon TOP10 to get your discount!

1.) 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The London System – IM Eric Rosen

Rated 4.9/5 Stars

This course on the tactics in the London System is a long-time fan favorite. It has appeared multiple times on our monthly and annual best sellers list. 

Have you ever done puzzles and wondered if you’d ever get to use those tactics? Sure, it’s nice to solve the puzzles, but how do you reach that position?

The 80/20 Tactics Multiplier series brings you specific opening tactics found in several different chess openings. You can pick courses for the openings you play.

This way, you know you will learn tactics you can use right away in your own games.

This is probably the best video I have purchased here on iChess.net. Eric Rosen has a very nice way to simplify complicated positions. I really enjoyed the videos and exercises so far. He keeps a nice and slow pace, which is great for a not so bright player like me 🙂 This came with streaming capabilities, so I can watch from any device here at home.”

Jose A. (Verified Owner)

2.) Accelerate Your Chess – GM Simon Williams

Rated 4.8/5 stars

Continuing with the theme of saving you both time and money is the Accelerate Your Chess course by GM Simon Williams (aka the GingerGM).

Let the GingerGM give you over 15 hours of chess training focused on must-know chess topics.

Learn how to improve at chess from one of the best chess coaches today!

When you reach a position where you have a slight advantage but your opponent has a solid position haven’t you said to yourself, “What now?” Well, let Simon help you learn to apply the 3 P’s:

  • Prophylaxis
  • Pressure
  • Piece placement

In this course, you will not only learn from past masters, but you will also get to see how Simon applied what he learned.

There’s a lot more than only the 3P’s, but that alone is worth the price of this course – without the discount!

Genius In Ginger – As a battle-weary London League and 4NCL captain, this has reignited my enthusiasm and reset my thinking. Many chess courses are presented by reedy-voiced, charisma-free numpties, but not here. This is a Ginger Gandalf with the delivery of Mark Williams in his Fast Show heyday. It really feels like he cares about getting you to play in a bolder, more coherent way.”

Richard N. (Verified Owner)

3.) Deep Dive Collection – GM Damian Lemos

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

There is no doubt with 120 hours of opening instruction, you will cover all the bases.

Damian’s Deep Dive collection includes numerous openings to play with either color.

No matter what your playing style or skill level, you will find something to suit your tastes.

There are openings for positional players who prefer a theme-based opening repertoire like the Double Fianchetto, King’s Indian Attack, or English Opening.

If you are looking for positional openings with black, you can choose an entire repertoire based on …Bg7. The Pirc and Modern Defense against 1.e4 and the King’s Indian Defense against 1.d4.

Attacking players will find coverage on the open game including the King’s Gambit and Ruy Lopez. Want a sharp repertoire to play with black? There’s the Scandinavian, Chigorin, and Accelerated Dragon to choose from.

This superb collection of openings includes coverage of 19 openings, including:

  • London System
  • Taimanov Sicilian
  • Slav Defense
  • French Defense
  • Alekhine Defense

and more!

“So far, so good. A tremendous amount of material. I’m taking my time to study the decision points that GM Lemos points out. I like his thoughtful, unhurried, approach.”

Thomas K. (Verified Owner)

4.) Anna’s Essential Endgame Course – IM Anna Rudolf

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

You know an endgame course is exceptional if it gets a rating of 4,8/5 stars. 

To be honest, how much time have you spent looking at endgame courses? When did you last have the thought, “I think studying the endgame now would fill me with joy?”

Well, studying the endgame might not fill you with joy, but winning endgames will! If anybody is going to make your endgame studies joyful, it’s IM Anna Rudolf.

Yet again, you get only the essentials in Anna’s Essential Endgame Course. Learn how to checkmate with a knight and a bishop, two bishops, and all the other essential checkmates.

All the different endgames are covered, rook, queen, pawn, and minor pieces. Included are many tips and techniques to help you apply what you learn.

There’s no better coach to teach you how to improve at chess endings than IM Anna Rudolf.

Simply the best Chess instructor – I love Anna. She is charming, witty, and knows how to explain things so they are easily understandable. Never bored for a moment with her.”

Richard B. (Verified Owner)

5.) Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon – GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Rated 4.7/5 Stars

Always thought you’d need to know a lot of cutting-edge theory to play a double-edged opening with black? Wanted winning chances without the theoretical work of the Najdorf?

The Sicilian Defense is black’s most popular defense to 1.e4 for a good reason. Now you can learn how to Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon in one day!

GM Perelshteyn has cut to the chase in this course without leaving you unprepared for whatever white throws at you. You can be playing 1…c5 and 2…g6 with confidence in a matter of hours, not weeks!

“This course met all my expectations. Not just opening variations but also strategic ideas to carry into the middle game. Very clearly articulated by the GM Eugene Perelshteyn.”

Staunton H. (Verified Owner)

6.) Empire Chess Mega Bundle

Rated 4.6 Stars

Over 250 hours of chess training. Yes, you read that correctly. 250 hours of training for players of all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

There is a lot of chess training in the Empire Chess Mega Bundle for you to enjoy no matter what your playing strength or playing style might be. Wouldn’t it be good to know as you improve, you have more challenging training at hand?

Naturally, all three phases – opening, middlegame, and endgame – are covered.

You will get to choose from a vast array of openings, learn how to improve at chess middlegames, and learn how to outplay your opponents in the endgame.

Excellent!!! Mega Bundle is Great!!!”

Wint T. (Verified Owner)

7.) GingerGM Method 01 and 02 – GM Simon Williams

Rated 4.6/5 Stars

Yes, the GingerGM is back! This time he is offering you more than 30 hours of his chess wisdom about how to improve at chess.

Learn the training methods Simon employed to become a GM. Start with the first GingerGM Method and learn how to make rapid progress in the minimum of training time.

Of course, studying chess is fun and never more so than when you’re learning from Simon Williams. Applying what you have learned and seeing your rating soar has got be even more fun!

After you complete the first GingerGM Method, revolutionize your chess with the GingerGM Method 02. Learn an entire repertoire to play with both white and black.

You will not only learn the opening moves but the ideas behind them. Then you will get armed with middlegame strategies tailor-made for the opening.

Learn when to attack, how to defend, and much more from one of the most popular coaches around.

No rabbit holes-just the meat and potatoes of quick improvement – So far it has been the best video course that separates time-wasting suggestions to actually simplifying the road to improvement for those that are busy professionals and don’t have a lot of time to study chess theory. I will probably want to only buy additional videos from Simon as he has proven himself to be several cuts above the rest and respects and understands the plight of very busy people not wanting to waste time improving by being taken down several different rabbit holes only to discover after umpteen hours….. not a lot of improvement.”

Joel H. (Verified Owner)

8.) Anna Rudolf Method “Smash The Barriers to Your Chess Success” – IM Anna Rudolf

Rated 4.6/5 Stars

Want to lay a solid foundation for your future chess growth? You have shed the beginner label and are learning taking the next step can be a challenge

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a systematic approach to your chess training? Then the Anna Rudolf Method is one of the best chess courses for you.

All the essential phases of the game are covered. Instead of learning opening moves, Anna will teach you how to study any opening that appeals to you.

When you feel like a change or an opening isn’t working for you, you will know how to learn a new opening.

Want to understand how the attacks you see in grandmaster games work? Let Anna remove the mystery and teach you how to craft your own memorable attacking moments.

You will also learn how to improve at chess in defense, eliminating blunders and in the endgames too.

All of this is covered in this 15+ hour chess course.

So helpful if you do exactly what Anna says! – This is a great course, but make sure you’re not looking for specific moves or sequences. This is more of a high-level guide on how to improve – what you should be doing, but you’ll have to put in the work, as Anna says. If you do as she advises, you will improve. She teaches good habits and there are some great additional PDFs/visuals you can use until this stuff is ingrained. Highly recommend the course over watching random youtube videos and learning in a disorganized way!”

Brian G (Verified Owner)

9.) Advancing Against the French – GM Jesse Kraai

Rated 4.6/5 Stars

Learn more than mere opening moves and theory from GM Jesse Kraai. Playing with the space advantage is a chess skill many players lack.

This is the knowledge you can use to build an entire opening repertoire.

Gain an understanding of how to use the space advantage, and you will have a dangerous strategy you can use in all your games. There’s no need to study hours of opening theory.

Of course, GM Kraai will provide you with the opening theory you need to know. This course includes a sound method of developing your pieces against your opponent’s most popular responses.

Go from the opening to the middlegame with confidence. This course will show you numerous strategies to use in the middlegame with white. 

When it comes to playing the Advance Variation against the French Defense, you will have all the essential information and more!

Putting pressure on the French Defense Great course, Jessie is teaching a lot more than just the opening!”

Robert L. (Verified Buyer)

10.) The Polgar Method – GM Susan Polgar’s Complete Course for Club Players – GM Susan Polgar

Rated 4.3/5 stars

Let GM Susan Polgar show you exactly how to get better at chess. Living up to it’s name of being a complete course for club players you will learn everything you need to know to improve.

All the major subjects you need to know are covered in one of the best chess courses for club players out there.

The Polgar Method includes

  • Openings – how to play with the black and white pieces.
  • Tactics
  • Positional Play
  • Attacking Play
  • Defensive Play
  • Endgames

You can’t get a more complete chess course to take your play to the next level. For the club player, this course is one of the best ways to improve at chess.

Top Quality Training and Great Value – The video instruction itself is excellent, and the supporting training material and pgn files are a real bonus. As an aspirational adult improver, this is certainly the best package of material that I have come across – thanks.”

John Z. (Verified Owner)

In Conclusion

How to get better at chess depends entirely upon each chess player. There are general guidelines on the best way to improve at chess.

Every one of us must decide what the best chess courses for us are. We must do this knowing what is best for us today is likely to change in the future.

Keep in mind no learning is ever wasted. You might change your course but every chess lesson plays a positive role in your chess improvement.

These top-rated chess courses will get you started on your next big chess adventure. Follow the advice of these top chess coaches and you are sure to make great strides towards becoming a more feared opponent.

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